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How Lawn Care El Paso Specialists Help Homes and Businesses

Finding lawn mowing companies is pretty simple and easy. However, choosing the best El Paso lawn care is something that requires careful action. This is why our team is here to help. Contact Lawn Care El Paso if you need lawn care services.

Lawn Care El Paso

Welcome to a customer-friendly lawn service El Paso!

Is there a new lawn service near me? Will I find an affordable lawn mowing service near me? Perhaps, you have a lot of questions in your mind if it is your first time dealing with lawn care companies. Well, look no further! Lawn Care El Paso is a trustworthy company that will help manage your landscape beds and lawn.

About Lawn Care El Paso

We have the most hardworking and most experienced customer care assistants and specialists. We are focused on various lawn care and landscaping aspects not only in this city, but in other surrounding areas. Some of the services we offer include grass cutting service, yard maintenance, lawn fertilization, and lawn dethatching.

For a couple of years, we have been recognized by numerous residential and commercial properties. We got the best crew partners and they ensure that every project goes through a safe and smooth process.

Our company’s ultimate goal is to build a strong network of satisfied business partners and clients. We want to be a part of the success of properties within the community that will prosper without destroying Mother Nature.

Our clients settle for long-term businesses with us because of the quality and affordability of our services. Furthermore, we take pride in our friendly specialists who will assist every new client regarding El Paso lawn care.

We can be reached via phone call or online form. Learn more about us by exploring further our website or by sending your inquiries to our professionals. We will be happy to explain about the process of each type of lawn mowing El Paso and other services you may need from us.

Why Choose Us?


After finding an answer to your question ‘is there a good lawn care near me?’, the next thing you have probably in mind says ‘what does this lawn mowing service near me offer?’ So, here are the reasons why homeowners and business owners choose us:

Variety of Service

We have established several years in this industry which means that we can serve you more than what you expect. We got all ingredients and tools essential to growing lush and healthy lawn. We perform various lawn care services El Paso. You just have to tell us your concerns as soon as possible.


Our service does not end with providing what you need. As we aim for success in this field, we have been working consistently on giving superb quality lawn service El Paso in each work. Our technicians focus on quality, rather than quantity.

Great Price Deals

The price always comes with quality. No matter how much you want a good quality service, things will be difficult if it is offered at an expensive rate. We want the whole community to live a good life and in a safe environment. Thus, we give cost-effective rates and exclusive deals for our beloved clients.

What To Expect

When talking about creating and improving landscape and lawn, it requires strategies thinking and considering many factors. Imagine having a piece of paradise in your yard. Your place is surrounded by fresh flowers, healthy vegetation and green grasses. However, building this small piece of heaven does not happen overnight.

Before you achieve this breath-taking piece, you should work with professionals who will fulfill your dreams. Regardless of what specific style or type of service you need for your Lawn Care El Paso Tx, you can count on us.

el paso lawn care services

Consider us as a one-stop shop that serves both residential properties and commercial establishments. We continually train our employees, discover and develop more skills from them. We believe that as our company grows so as our team and customers.

We operate every day and our hotline numbers are always available. We will be waiting for your calls and our customer care representatives will be answering your questions about lawn mowing in El Paso or other relevant concerns. You can first ask ‘do you offer lawn maintenance near me?’ We are going to check your location and get further details if necessary. Then, we will send our best team to your place on the scheduled date for onsite inspection.

Our Services

This El Paso lawn service provider has teams consisting of well-trained and highly competent professionals in this field. The most common type of maintenance we provide is as follows:

el paso lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

When it comes to El Paso lawn mowing, Lawn Care El Paso is always in the top list. Our lawn cutting service is exceptional and flexible. We do not just do lawn mowing service or weed control El Paso. We also give helpful tips to our customers on how to take care of their lawns without spending too much money and effort.

el paso lawn edging


Edging is a very common part of our El Paso lawn mowing service. We will transform your landscape beds in a perfect condition. Let us know if you have plans for your lawn and landscape. Our specialists are ready to assist you. Fill out our online form with the correct information to get started.

el paso lawn aerating


We also offer lawn aeration service. Depending on the diagnosis of our experts to your lawn, we can reverse such damages caused by heavy activities. We make sure that you completely understand what we intend to do to treat very well and take care of your lawn through aeration.

el paso lawn thatching


Having a thick layer of thatch is not advisable as it can cause many problems to the healthy growth of the lawn. This is the reason why we constantly develop customized programs that are committed to giving safe, simple and effective solutions to thatching and dethatching projects for your lawn.

el paso lawn fertilizing


As what we always tell our clients, we utilize nature-friendly yard fertilizer in taking care of your lawn. This is one of the remarkable traits that keep us on the list of the best lawn care companies in the city. Before proceeding to the actual lawn fertilization, we explain everything first.

One of the most remarkable things that set us apart from other lawn fertilizer companies is that we use organic lawn fertilization in our El Paso lawn services. While we keep your lawn healthy and vibrant, your family and pets are safe. At the same time, we guarantee that this yard maintenance El Paso is environmentally-friendly.

el paso lawn weeding and weed control

Weeding and Weed Control

If you want to get rid of those weed overgrowth, give us a call. Aside from that providing lawn cutting service, you can also count on us to trim those shrubs or bushes in your yard. Our team that will perform lawn weed control uses quality tools and techniques to make our job faster and more efficient.

el paso yard cleanup

Yard Cleanup

Our lawn care service El Paso has become a part of many people in small and big communities. We come to get rid of any hassle in your backyard. We conduct emergency clean up, hurricane cleanup or just regular scheduled lawn maintenance. Call us to request for a free quote.

el paso lawn restoration

Lawn Restoration

Need to restore the original features of your lawn? Our E Paso lawn care services have been proven and tested by hundreds of homes and businesses in the city and other nearby towns. We will bring back the vibrant look of your lawn effectively and safely as what we have promised.

Contact us today for a free lawn care quote!

About El Paso

El Paso County, Texas has recently recorded the total population of 841, 184 as provided by the census data of the United States. It has had a 0.03% growth year in the past year.

El Paso is the 6th biggest city in Texas and it is one of the top cities with a 20% performing economy in the US. It constantly experiences a positive growth in the economy through helping current companies to progress while attracting more businesses.

At the present, El Paso offers the best museums, theatre, restaurants and other top-notch establishments that attract locals and tourists.

Below are some of the surrounding cities in El Paso Tx:

  • Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  • Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • Socorro, TX
  • Sunland Park, New Mexico
  • Deming, NM
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a safe lawn fertilizer service?

Unlike other lawn companies, we use pet-safe and eco-friendly fertilizers as part of our lawn maintenance El Paso. Our lawn treatment service guarantees that it is only tough on weeds and insects, not on human beings, pets and the environment. We establish partnership with the most reliable lawn fertilizer companies in the country.

Do I have to sign a contract when I get a lawn service from you?

No. We do not require contracts in our lawn mowing in El Paso or in yard maintenance El Paso. Feel free to tell us if you want to continue or cancel our yard maintenance services.

When should I treat my lawn?

You do not have to wait until you see those pests and weeds in your lawn. Lawn treatment El Paso is a continuous process. If you need help, we are willing to help you.

What is the payment process for every lawn service El Paso Tx you accomplish?

We provide a general process in paying for each service. We actually have a few options. Once we send an invoice, you can pay via bank card or you can contact our customer help desk. You can also visit our page to learn about online payment processes. We make sure that every transaction is safe and secure.

Customer Testimonials

I have already contacted two lawn companies near me but only this team caught my attention. They offer a very good price and I have seen their work, which is very good.

Robert N.

I think this lawn maintenance near me has the best customer care support. They know their jobs well and they are very polite and professional.

Cheyenne B.

I never thought I would still find a cheap lawn service near me. In the past, I have worked with other lawn care companies near me, but I still encounter issues with my lawn. Then, I found this team. I am so satisfied with the results.

Bill P.

Contact Us Today

It is time for you to stop asking ‘are there other lawn care services near me?’ or ‘can I find a cheap yard service near me?’ Do not wait until your lawn gets dry and brown. Do not worry about not having big money for your project. Request a quote from us for free and we will customize our lawn mowing service El Paso needs for you.

You do not have to do anything once we get to check the condition of your lawn or landscape bed. It is up to you if you prefer a single service with us or a regular project to ensure that your lawn is healthy. Contact Lawn Care El Paso immediately for more information.

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